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Las Vegas Driveway Paver Installation Services

An updated driveway enhances the curb appeal of your Las Vegas property, making it the envy of the neighborhood. Our team of hardscape construction experts in Las Vegas will build you a functional and eye-catching driveway that complements your home’s architectural style. 

Over the past decade, we’ve helped countless homeowners restore the charm of their homes by doing more than just cosmetic work on their driveways. If you’re considering revitalizing your home exterior, our contractors can help you add style and elegance to your outdoor space with a personalized touch. 

Professional Las Vegas Hardscape Contractors

Installing driveway pavers is a complex undertaking that requires the expertise of a professional hardscaping and landscaping contractor. We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in the design, planning, installation, and maintenance of hardscape features for years. Whether you’re looking to renovate your patio, walkway, or driveway, our hardscape contractors can deliver your project with superior workmanship. 

Different Types of Pavers for Driveways 

Las Vegas has a subtropical arid climate, marked by sweltering summers, and short cool winters that’s typical of its location. Due to Las Vegas’ extreme climate, it is important to understand what types of construction materials are best suited for one’s property. Certain building materials last longer than others, so this is one thing to consider to ensure your home will remain structurally sound and visually appealing for years. 

Specially designed and treated pavers are perfect for your backyard, garden walks and driveways as they are not prone to breaking and cracks. Pavers are essentially interlocking flat pieces of stones, bricks or blocks, usually square or rectangle in shape, that are used as a paving material for surfaces. They are available in a variety of patterns, colors, textures and finishes that allow them to adapt to seasonal changes.  

Listed below are some of the popularly used pavers: 


Clay bricks are a standard building material that have been used for paving for centuries. It lends an elegant and timeless look to any hardscaping project, be it a patio, retaining wall, or driveway. Brick pavers are produced from clay cast in forms then cured. They can withstand normal driveway usage, as long as they are laid over a good base and with proper maintenance.   


Concrete pavers are sometimes used to imitate the appearance of brick pavers. This type of paver is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Concrete pavers are usually made from Portland cement, but sand, aggregates (gravel), water, and pigments are also used as ingredients. The pavers are cast in molds, compressed, and cured into slabs. The end product is more durable than poured concrete, capable of withstanding 8,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. 


Compared to traditional pavers, permeable pavers are perfect for the naturally sloping areas of your home, as well as parts with no drainage system. This type of paver makes a superior driveway paving material as it has a porous surface that allows precipitation or surface runoff to flow through it and infiltrate the reservoir and subbase underneath. Permeable pavers are usually made from plastic, concrete, and asphalt and installed in an interlocking or herringbone pattern. 


Though asphalt driveways are being phased out nowadays, they still remain a popular driveway paving option for homeowners that are looking for cost savings. Upfront costs are lower for asphalt, as a layer costs significantly less than pavers. However, asphalt requires regular maintenance in the long run as it is prone to fading. Despite this, asphalt is strong and flexible, making it a suitable choice for frequently used driveways. It is also less prone to cracking and damage, especially during harsh winter conditions. Asphalt comes in dark gray or black color, and can be combined with pavers for a distinct appeal. 

Natural Stone

Flagstone, bluestone and cobblestone are three commonly used natural paving stones for driveways. Due to their texture, as well as low-absorption and non-slip properties, these materials are often used for stairs, patios, pool decks and driveways These types of pavers have the advantages of being stain and weather resistant, and flexible, as they are capable of withstanding vehicular traffic and extreme weather conditions. 


Tumbled marble is a popular choice for driveways among homeowners who are going for a “chateau” look for their property. It is made by compressing smaller marble pieces together, creating a product that has a shiny, softer and rounded surface. Extra care is needed during the installation process, as marble may tend to chip and crack if the subbase is unstable. As they don’t have prefabricated spacer bars, the edges of marble pavers will be touching each other when installed. 

Advantages of Using Pavers for Your Driveway

Each paver type offers a different set of characteristics. One thing is certain though: Apart from their aesthetic appeal, when properly installed, pavers create a strong, hard-wearing pavement system. Below are some of the main advantages of using pavers for your driveway to help you in your decision on whether or not to have them installed.  

Strength and Durability

Pavers are manufactured to high standards and are incredibly tough and long-lasting. Brick pavers have a high load-bearing capacity, ideal for demanding traffic applications. Concrete pavers, meanwhile, is capable of withstanding immense pressure, two to three times more than poured concrete.   

Adaptable to Climate Variations

All pavers mentioned in the previous section have adequate resistance to the natural freeze-thaw cycles that can go on for months during the changing seasons. They are flexible enough to adapt to changes in the earth without breaking or cracking. Interlocking pavers are also not prone to the degradation caused by de-icing chemicals due to their high density.    

Low Maintenance 

There is minimal upkeep involved with the use of paving stones. Stains, hairline cracks and potholes are a rare occurrence with pavers. While weathering may occur with some surfaces like bricks, maintenance need only be performed once or twice a year to extend the life of your driveway. Sealers can be sprayed or brushed over the paving surface to protect it from the elements. Repairs are easy with the application of fresh mortar to mortared pavers.    

Style Versatility

The options are limitless when it comes to paver size, shape and features, and you can have your driveway designed exactly like what you have in mind. You can select pavers that match your own aesthetic and have them laid out in captivating patterns that add interest and character to your driveway. 

Environmental Benefits

Flooding has been an increasing problem in urban areas due to climate change. Pavers can capture runoff and prevent flooding. Permeable pavers, in particular, are designed to reduce stormwater runoff by as much as 50%. They are pervious, effectively draining water in a matter of seconds. This type of paver is a sustainable, environmentally sound solution to the growing problem of flooding across cities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some frequently asked questions and answers from our customers.

How much do pavers cost?

Your total bill depends on a number of factors, such as the material, design, location and size of the area. Typically, homeowners should expect to pay an average of $8 to $22 per square foot. The labor costs associated with the paver installation is around $470-$610 for seven hours of work. This already includes the planning, material acquisition, preparation of the space, installation and cleanup. 

How long do driveway pavers typically last?

The best thing about driveways made from pavers is that they have a long lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, brick pavers can last for over 25 years. Concrete pavers can last between 25 and 50 years. Natural stone pavers can surprisingly last for even a hundred years. 

What type of warranty do most driveway pavers come with?

Pavers come with a protection plan from the installation services and manufacturers. Manufacturers usually offer a lifetime warranty, which covers broken or cracked pavers that are damaged during installation. Hardscape contractors offer a type of workmanship and material guarantee that range between five and 25 years. 

How thick do pavers need to be for driveway?

Pavers should be thick and durable enough to withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The recommended thickness of pavers for driveways is around 2 to 3 inches. The base underneath is as important as the pavers themselves, and should likewise be stable and thick, at around 6 inches in depth. 

How long before you can drive on pavers?

The answer depends on the type of pavers installed. Since pavers are ready-made blocks, you can walk or drive over them within the same day they’ve been laid out. However, most hardscape contractors recommend that you wait for two to three days following installation. If you have the driveway sealed, you should wait for another 24 hours for the sealant to cure.

Which pavers last the longest?

Natural stone paving is more durable than other options. According to most hardscape service providers, cobblestones last the longest among pavers as they can endure for over a century. This type of paver also requires minimal maintenance.

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