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Watching the sun slowly tuck into the horizon of the sky is definitely a relaxing thing to do. And wouldn’t it be great to bask in the sun and enjoy the weather in your own personal space? A patio allows you to do just that.

With Precise Pavers Las Vegas, we bring you stylish patios where you can unwind, relax, and forget all your worries. Our team of experienced hardscape contractors and builders can help you create your dream patio—a cozy spot for relaxation and gatherings, where your family and friends can have a conversation about how stunning your front yard is. 

If you’ve landed on this page while searching for “patio pavers near me”, then you are in right place. 

Las Vegas Patio Contractors

Precise Pavers Las Vegas is a local company located in Las Vegas, specializing in hardscape services such as installing walkway pavers, retaining walls, driveways, pool decks, and patios. With our decades of experience and a C-18 contractors license, we guarantee you the best results with high regard for quality and durability. 

Our patios are made of bricks, pavers, concrete, flagstone, and other high-quality materials. With Precise Pavers Las Vegas’s master craftsmanship, we can create a patio that suits any design you desire while providing great functionality—from having a BBQ and grill party to just sipping tea at your coffee tables, anything is possible.

Design your dream patio with us. Our experienced and highly skilled staff can understand your needs and work with the vision you have. With our professional builders, we can turn your patio into your calming retreat. 

About Las Vegas

With over 23 casinos and home to 20 of the largest hotels in the world, Las Vegas City is dubbed as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. It is one of the world’s most loved and well-known tourist destinations with at least 42 million people visiting each year. 

However, Las Vegas is more than just a city filled with neon lights and slot machines. Having no income tax and among the lowest property taxes in the U.S., Las Vegas is becoming one of the best cities for first-time home buyers. 

Types of Walkway Materials

When it comes to patios, there are six popular choices for materials—concrete, brick, mulch, flagstone, paver, and gravel. What you do with these materials can help you define the look and feel of your patio. However, due to the brutal temperatures in Las Vegas, it’s best to consider and understand the pros and cons of each material. 


Concrete paver patio is one of the most popular go-to options. Known for its time-tested durability and stability, concrete can be molded to conform to any architectural style or design. They are also extremely easy to install and maintain. 


Having existed for thousands of years, bricks are popular for being sturdy and longer-lasting compared to other materials. A brick patio gives a classic and neat look to your landscape as they are available in earthy tones. They are also eco-friendly, but quite expensive to install as thorough ground preparation is needed. 


Mulch is one of the more practical options for a patio material in areas with extreme temperatures. Aside from easy installation, it also provides a rustic feel to your landscape and blends perfectly with a wooden porch. Hanging plants and flowers may also be placed for a more organic-looking lawn. However, maintenance requires effort as regular raking and topping up are needed. 


Flagstone provides versatility as they come in various accents, colors, and shapes. They have a roughened surface which makes a flagstone patio durable in extreme weather conditions. Installation and maintenance are also inexpensive. A pro tip to increase the aesthetic appeal of your patio is to partner flagstones with Adirondack patio furniture and outdoor coffee tables. 


Available in a variety of colors such as pale cream shade and rich orange-red, pavers offer a multitude of styles and designs. They can also be molded to look like natural stones, but at a less expensive price. They are also durable and inexpensive to maintain making them one of the more popular options. 


Naturally formed and quarried, gravels come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Aside from durability, they also provide a classic feel to your landscape—especially when combined with stone slabs and fire pits. Other elements may also be added such as benches, dining tables, and other outdoor furniture for a more complete look.

Advantages of Using Pavers for Patios

Despite the numerous materials and designs for patios, there is nothing that could beat a paver patio. Aside from its versatility, it provides homeowners with many more benefits. 


Due to the minimal labor cost of installing a paver patio, they are very much affordable. Also, since most materials used in pavers are readily available in the market, purchasing is easy and inexpensive.


Interlocking pavers are known to be durable and great alternatives to concrete. Due to their sturdiness and stability, pavers are also crack-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Ease of Maintenance

Pavers are also easy to maintain. Made from natural materials, pavers do not easily lose their color and touch even in harsh weather conditions. Repair work is also inexpensive and mightily easy.

Bring New Life To Your Patio With Precise Pavers Las Vegas

Just like any property, the exterior is just as important as its interior. As such, the same amount of attention should also be given to jazz up the exterior of your home—and there’s no better way of doing it than installing a patio. 

With Precise Pavers Las Vegas, your dream patio is now within your reach. Call us today to get a free quote! You may also fill out this form or visit our website for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have more questions in mind? Check out our FAQs to learn more.

What is a Patio?

A patio, which means “in the courtyard of your building” in Spanish, is a paved surface in the back of your house. Unlike a porch, patios don’t have walls around them and a roof above.

How much are patio covers in Las Vegas?

Patio covers in Las Vegas are definitely helpful, especially during its scorching summers. The average cost for a patio cover is between $300 to $2000.

What is the cheapest way to cover a patio?

If you wish to make a patio your next DIY project, you can simply build a wood frame and then use a canvas or tarp as your roof.


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