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Las Vegas Paver Pool Deck Installation Services

Now more than ever, homeowners in Las Vegas desire to transform their backyards into luxurious swimming pools. Nothing spells luxury better than stunning paved pool decks. With our expertise, your paver pool deck can be made in any design you have in mind. 

Through the years, we’ve installed numerous paver pool decks of all shapes and sizes. Flagstone, stamped concrete, brick, or travertine pool decks—you name it, we can install it. If you’re considering having safe, stylish, and affordable swimming pools, there is no better option than Precise Pavers Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas Pool Deck Contractors

If you’ve always dreamed of having a resort-like experience within the confines of your backyard, then a swimming pool is necessary. Imagine having a barbeque party by your white travertine pool deck in your very own tropical oasis. We can make that a reality for you. 

Known for our decades of expertise, Precise Pavers Las Vegas has been a staple in the pool installation industry for years.  We have a team of highly experienced designers and pool builders to produce stunning results quickly and efficiently. We can help you choose the right shape, material, and design for your pool deck paver that would integrate seamlessly with your home architecture. 

About Las Vegas

You’ll find living in Las Vegas completely enthralling. The city of Nevada has a lot to offer, from world-class casinos to sprawling entertainment complexes. On the Vegas Strip, you can mesmerize the city’s magnificent view aboard the world’s largest observation wheel. And if you’re more into exploring the world, the state of Nevada has a handful of breathtaking national parks, scenic drives, and desert vistas. 

Different Types of Pool Deck Paving Material

The hardscape components used around your swimming pool define the look and feel of your swimming pool. There are various natural and man-made materials that are frequently used by a contractor to pave pool decks. To withstand the extreme summers of Las Vegas, it is best to carefully consider which materials are best suited.

Below is a list of popular choices for pool deck paving materials. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete pavers come in a variety of colors and designs that resemble other types of paving, making them a safe and versatile material. Aside from being low-cost and durable, they are also easy to maintain and install. Most of all, concrete pavers don’t get too warm when temperatures rise. 


Wood pavers provide your pool area with an original, warm, and authentic look. It also comes in with a lot of varieties and textures, meaning design options are wide open. However, wood is costly to maintain as it would require seasonal cleaning, sanding, and sealing.


Bricks have existed for thousands of years, so it’s a proven material. Apart from being durable, it is also easy to install and the maintenance costs are relatively cheap. 


Flagstone pavers provide a natural and premium touch to your pool. Flagstone comes in earth tones and textures, making it an ideal material for outdoor pools. This type of paver is low maintenance and easy to install. Also, it is non-slip and extremely heat resistant, which is perfect for summers in Las Vegas. 


Limestones are non-slip materials that are best for warm and dry climates. Their clean lines and neutral color palette seamlessly complement any architectural design. They are also durable and can easily resist damage from de-icing salts. 


With a thickness of approximately ½ inch, travertine pavers provide a cleaner and crispier Mediterranean appearance—perfect for building luxury pool decks. Despite being heat resistant, their smooth surface makes it easy on the feet. They are also easy to clean and are highly resistant to discoloration. 

Advantages of Using Pavers for Your Pool Deck

There are plenty of options when it comes to designing your pool deck. But, nothing beats a classic paver that combines beauty with durability. 


Pavers are available in a variety of materials, colors, and textures which offers a wide range of choices for homeowners. They can complement any design as they can be arranged to resemble granite, tile, or traditional bricks. 


Pavers are good and budget-friendly options for patios and outdoor poolside areas as they are cost-effective. Natural and man-made stones are readily available in the market at reasonable costs.

Easy Maintenance

Pavers do not require seasonal cleaning and are therefore easy to maintain. Also, they are easy to find and replace in case one gets damaged. 


Aside from being safe and non-slip, pavers also have long life spans. They are also durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions like hot temperatures and freeze-thaw conditions. Most of all, pavers are able to resist harsh pool chemicals and constant exposure to water, but they are easy on bare feet.

Experience the Difference with Trusted Hardscapes

It is our mission to help you create the pool of your dreams. At Precise Pavers Las Vegas, we guarantee superior craftsmanship at a budget-friendly price. More importantly, we do it with an unwavering focus on quality and efficiency. 

Contact us today and let’s make your dreams come true! Get a free consultation by filling up this form or visit our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best paver to use around a pool?

Aside from their relatively cheaper price, concrete pavers are also easier to install and maintain. It also comes in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. Most of all, they are durable and can complement any design.

How much do pavers cost?

Different pool paver materials have different price tags. The style and shape would also affect the estimated cost. However, a typical concrete pool paver costs between $5 and $10 per square foot. The price estimate for brick pool pavers ranges between $5 and $25 per square foot. On the higher end of the price spectrum, stone pool pavers cost between $5 and $40 per square foot.

How thick do pool pavers need to be?

For pool deck pavers to have a longer lifespan, having a solid base is crucial. The base needs to be 4 to 6 inches thick and could be made up of reinforced concrete slabs or compacted gravel.  On top, it is recommended to place the pavers on 1 to 2 inches of sand. Excavate at least 5 to 8 inches below the uppermost part of the pool wall.

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